PIXAM LTD is a private company that arose from a successful research project. It was incepted with the aim to develop hardware and software geo tools for aerial and ground drones under one roof in a simple and user-friendly manner, so that they can be utilized by multiple industries for day-to-day operations. Two currently available PIXAM products are (i) software tools to extract geo patterns from time series aerial images and (ii) software algorithms to control and automate drone movement.  

Albeit it was founded in quarter four, 2020, PIXAM LTD is quickly establishing itself in both domestic and international markets. In 2021, it was voted as one of the best ten drone European companies by the EU Agency for the Space Programme.

In 2023 PIXAM LTD intends to launch on the international market, an agriculture unmanned ground vehicle (AUGV) named VICTOR. Farmers will be able to automate daily operations that are necessary in agricultural settings thanks to VICTOR. The team is targeting to initially introduce VICTOR in grapevines.  

Link: http://pixam.io/