Increasing global collaboration in research: The PROMISE project’s cross-border collaboration

Steve Zerafa, an academic renowned for his expertise in remote sensing, software development and geospatial technology, the person behind PIXAM Ltd. and a co-founder of the Foundation for Innovation and Research Malta (FIR), has recently spent two weeks in Pamplona, Spain, where he delved into various ongoing photovoltaic research projects.

This experience is an outcome of the ongoing three-year PROMISE project, which is a collaborative effort between FIR, PIXAM Ltd., and the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENAR), among other esteemed partners.

The focal point of this partnership is the establishment of a research framework rooted in Malta, designed to explore both established and emerging photovoltaic modules and systems. Notably, the project places a strong emphasis on digitalization aspects, particularly in the context of prediction and optimization algorithms.

Steve Zerafa’s engagement with CENAR not only enriched him with fresh insights and stimulating dialogues with domain experts but also broadened his professional network, offering potential avenues for future collaborative research ventures aimed at addressing significant societal challenges.

PIXAM Ltd., the brainchild of Mr. Zerafa, is a Malta-based company specializing in cutting-edge computer vision and geospatial analysis, harnessing the capabilities of aerial and ground drones.

The PROMISE project, which serves as the backdrop for this collaboration, is funded by the European Commission under the Twinning action known as HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03. This initiative aligns with the Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence objective within Horizon Europe.