WATCH: Beepoll project installs sensors in beehives to monitor bee populations

In celebration of World Bee Day, celebrated on May 20th, the Beepoll project has joined forces with numerous beekeepers to install advanced sensors in beehives across the Maltese islands. This initiative aims to gain a deeper understanding of bee behavior and monitor population changes over time.

Each small bee box has the capacity to house up to 40,000 bees. However, the bee population faces significant challenges, including prolonged dry summer seasons that limit food sources and the threat posed by the varroa parasite, which lives on bees.

The newly installed sensors are designed to measure the weight of the beehives, providing data on the number of bees present. Additionally, these sensors monitor the temperature within the hive and record the buzzing of the bees. This comprehensive data collection will help researchers and beekeepers track the health and dynamics of bee populations more effectively.

The Beepoll project’s efforts are a critical step toward addressing the environmental and biological challenges that bees face, ensuring their survival and the continued pollination of crops essential for the ecosystem and agriculture.