Reef: 3D printed boat

REEF: A 3D printed DIY drone boat, also known as Unmanned Surface Vessel.

Watch how to construct REEF on @DigInt_Tech channel YouTube

Reef represents a groundbreaking leap in maritime boat creation as a 3D-printed boat and unmanned surface vessel designed to operate autonomously through programming derived from a Geographic Information System (GIS). This cutting-edge vessel seamlessly integrates advanced manufacturing techniques by utilizing 3D printing technology to construct its hull, resulting in a lightweight and efficient structure. The autonomous capabilities of Reef are harnessed through sophisticated GIS programming, enabling the vessel to navigate and perform tasks independently based on geospatial data. This innovative fusion of additive manufacturing and GIS-driven autonomy not only showcases the forefront of marine engineering but also promises a new era in unmanned surface vessels, offering versatility and adaptability for a wide range of applications, from environmental monitoring to maritime research and surveillance. Reef stands as a testament to the convergence of digital technologies in reshaping the landscape of marine exploration and automation.

The Reef 3D files here is committed to releasing the 2nd part YouTube video as part of the workshop, demonstrating how to convert the 3D printed REEF boat into a USV.

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