Unveiling KNOX: The Revolution in Precision Agriculture – An Electric-Drone/Robot RTK. Experience the Future with this 4-Wheeled Electric Grass Cutter, a Versatile Robot-Drone that effortlessly transitions between manual operation and programmable waypoint navigation.

Watch KNOX in action on @DigInt_Tech channel YouTube

Harnessing the power of our advanced RTK control systems, KNOX achieves unparalleled centimeter-level accuracy, setting a new standard in agricultural and innovation. Designed to elevate current manual practices, this cutting-edge technology is poised to transform the landscape of agriculture and lawn mowing. Witness the game-changing capabilities of KNOX by visiting our YouTube video, showcasing its seamless integration of advanced drones & robotics and precision navigation. is committed to releasing a YouTube video as part of the workshop, demonstrating detailed steps involved in DIY building unmanned commercial drones and robotics, similar to KNOX.

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