Jackery’s Mars Bot: A revolutionary solar generator for off-grid adventures

Jackery, a prominent player in portable power solutions, has made waves earlier this month at CES 2024 with the debut of its Solar Generator Mars Bot, designed for off-grid outdoor use. Recently awarded the TIME Best Inventions of 2023, the Mars Bot isn’t your typical generator; it’s an intelligent service robot integrated with a PV-ESS charging system and a light tracking mechanism, functioning as a smart, solar-powered robot capable of efficient self-charging in off-grid scenarios.

The automatic sunflower tracking system enables the Mars Bot to intelligently pursue sunlight for optimal photovoltaic power generation. Its robust design, featuring high-strength, impact resistance, waterproofing, and dustproofing, ensures readiness in any weather condition. Noteworthy is its foldable photovoltaic panels, making the Mars Bot portable and sleek when compact, yet unfolding the solar wings yields an impressive 600-watt output with a remarkable 25 percent max solar conversion efficiency.

CES 2024 unveiled the Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent, catering to off-road enthusiasts seeking power for overlanding experiences, offering up to six kilowatts per hour (kWh) for extended trips. The Solar Generator Home Kit, featuring an E2000Plus, an Add-on Battery, two 200W Solar Panels, and an Auto Transfer Switch, guarantees a seamless transition to backup power within 20 milliseconds during power outages or natural disasters.

The Solar Generator 1000 Plus (Galaxy), with a shell crafted from recycled plastic waste, underscores Jackery’s commitment to sustainability and economic benefits. This theme resonates across the Plus series, including models like the Solar Generator 2000 Plus, 1000 Plus, 300 Plus, and 100 Plus, reaffirming Jackery’s global leadership in portable, clean, and renewable energy solutions.

Founded in California in 2012, Jackery has globally sold over three million units since 2018, earning recognition from over 200 authorized media and organizations. Collaborations with public welfare organizations like WWF, NFF, and IRC underscore the company’s dedication to global sustainable development. In an energy-hungry world, Jackery’s Solar Generator Mars Bot and companion innovations aim to provide a breath of fresh air, demonstrating that clean, renewable energy is not just a future vision but a present reality.

Photo credit: Jackery