President Biden unveils $7 Billion for solar projects

US President Joe Biden celebrated Earth Day (22nd April) by allocating $7 billion in federal grants for solar projects benefitting over 900,000 households in low- and middle-income areas. Amidst this, he criticized Republicans opposing his climate policies, highlighting their denial of the crisis and their push to dismantle key environmental protections.

During a visit to Virginia’s Prince William Forest Park, Biden singled out supporters of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement, emphasizing their disregard for climate concerns and their efforts to repeal crucial legislation funding these projects.

Additionally, Biden introduced nearly 2,000 positions for the American Climate Corps across 36 states, a program reminiscent of Roosevelt’s New Deal, offering employment opportunities focused on combating climate change.

These announcements were made in Prince William Forest Park, historically tied to Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, symbolizing job creation during economic hardship.

The solar grants, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, will benefit 60 recipients, aiming to significantly reduce emissions and save households hundreds of millions annually.