Plotting starts

The team started creating the first orthophotos using the pixam in-house designed software to extract the first trends for the bees across the islands.

Orthophoto creation is the process of producing an accurate and geometrically corrected aerial or satellite image that can be used as a map. Orthophotos are created by combining aerial or satellite photographs with elevation data to produce a corrected image that has the same scale as a map, and with each pixel representing a specific location on the ground. This process removes distortions caused by the perspective of the camera and variations in the terrain, resulting in a true-to-scale representation of the earth’s surface. Orthophotos are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including urban planning, land management, agriculture, forestry, and natural resource management.

Image below shows an orthophoto showing agriculture land of approximately 26 tumoli located in the central part of Malta. A total of 200 images were required to create the orthophoto,