YouTube hits 100 million premium subscribers, defying doubts

YouTube has achieved a significant milestone with 100 million subscribers across its music and premium subscription services, marking a growth of 20 million members in just over a year. Originally launched in 2015 as YouTube Red, the platform underwent extensive changes and rebranded as YouTube Premium. The subscription service, initially met with skepticism, has become a success, defying doubts about its viability in the crowded market.

The subscription model, which eliminates ads and offers exclusive content, was initially questioned as to whether it could thrive on YouTube. Lyon Cohen, in a celebratory letter, highlighted the platform’s distinctiveness as the key to its success, emphasizing its role as a preferred music listening service in addition to traditional video content.

Despite doubts about sustaining both a subscription and free ad-supported service, YouTube’s Vice President for Product Management, Adam Smith, emphasized the success of offering diverse bundles, such as a music-only subscription. Addressing concerns about subscription fatigue, YouTube has increased premium pricing, aligning with industry trends.

Smith clarified that YouTube sees itself as a unique entity, avoiding direct competition and comparison with other streaming services. The platform has evolved into a versatile service, functioning as both a video platform and a music streaming service, catering to a broad audience and leaving ample room for continued growth.

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