Potentially defective Schüco solar module backsheets

Schüco, a former PV manufacturer, has issued a product safety warning due to a potential risk of electric shock in some of its solar modules caused by defective polyamide backsheets. The affected solar modules were delivered between 2010 and 2014 and can be identified by a “0” in the 11th position of their serial number.

Schüco advises that these solar modules should be uninstalled and disposed of, as they could lead to defective solar modules and pose a danger to life and limb. The manufacturer has not received any reports of damage so far and aims to find out how many solar modules with defective backsheets are still installed in PV systems worldwide to replace them if necessary.

PV system operators can locate the affected solar modules by their serial numbers and should not touch them without protective measures against electric shock. Specialized personnel should be informed and should uninstall and dispose of the solar modules according to legal requirements.

Image: Schüco

Read Schüco: PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING LETTER here: https://www.photovoltaik.eu/solarmodule/schueco-warnschreiben-zur-produktsicherheit