Boston Dynamics unveils new all-electric Atlas robot

Just a day after discontinuing its renowned Atlas machine, robotics firm Boston Dynamics has revealed its latest humanoid bot. The new all-electric Atlas supersedes its hydraulic predecessor, which garnered attention for its parkour stunts and backflip abilities.

In a video shared on Wednesday across its social media platforms, Boston Dynamics showcased the next-generation robot rising from a prone position. Despite its humanoid form, the manner in which it stood up was deemed eerie and unsettling by some observers, who likened it to scenes from science fiction.

Commenting on the unveiling, software developer Matthias Götzke questioned the recurrent unsettling aesthetics, while engineer Aaditya Raman humorously referenced the Terminator franchise.

Boston Dynamics justified the humanoid design as enabling the robot to function effectively in human-centric environments. They emphasized that the unconventional movements represent an enhancement over human limitations, enabling Atlas to perform tasks more efficiently.

In their blog post introducing the new robot, Boston Dynamics highlighted its strength, dexterity, and agility, exceeding human capabilities. The company affirmed that Atlas, although humanoid in appearance, is optimized for optimal task completion rather than adhering to human range of motion constraints.

Boston Dynamics announced that the new robot is tailored for practical applications to address contemporary industry challenges. The initial application of Atlas will be in collaboration with Korean automotive leader Hyundai, aiming to enhance manufacturing capabilities.

Photo credit: Boston Dynamics