A new tinder-style voting app, aims to engage youth in EU elections

Palumba, a novel voting advice app, launched on Tuesday April 30th in Barcelona, offering a fresh approach to boost youth participation in EU elections. Set to go public on May 9, Europe Day, the app employs a Tinder-like interface, allowing users to swipe right for favored proposals and left for those they oppose, with additional options for mild approval or disapproval.

The algorithm matches user reactions with political groups in the European Parliament, considering manifestos, public declarations, and historical voting patterns. Designed to bridge the gap between young voters and political discourse, Palumba provides detailed information on proposals, sourced from verified outlets.

Originating from the European Forum Alpbach in 2023, the project aims to demystify EU politics for young people across Europe, offering the app in over 30 languages and dialects. Emphasizing inclusivity, Palumba reflects its pan-European commitment through its name, derived from the Latin term for the common pigeon, symbolizing its ubiquitous presence throughout Europe.

With a focus on user-friendly design and social media integration, Palumba seeks to harness viral effects to engage young voters. In light of the upcoming EU elections, which will include eligible voters as young as 16 in several countries, Palumba represents a timely initiative to leverage technology for democratic participation.

Despite the proliferation of similar apps, Palumba distinguishes itself through its commitment to data privacy, transparency, and independence from political influence. Its open-source code and stringent security measures aim to address concerns raised by previous voting apps, ensuring a trustworthy platform for informed decision-making.