Xiaomi begins electric vehicle deliveries in China this month

Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese technology conglomerate, is poised to make its inaugural entrance into the cutthroat automotive sector with the imminent release of its premier electric vehicle (EV) later this month. With the official pricing slated for disclosure on March 28th, Xiaomi has strategically positioned itself to tap into China’s burgeoning EV market, the largest globally, amidst escalating competition from industry titans such as BYD and Tesla.

Leveraging its extensive retail network spanning 29 cities and comprising 59 stores, Xiaomi is primed to capitalize on consumer demand for its EV offering. At the unveiling of the Speed Ultra 7 (SU7) last year, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun articulated ambitions of positioning the company among the world’s top five automakers. Backed by a substantial $10 billion investment commitment over the ensuing decade, Xiaomi is demonstrating a steadfast commitment to its vehicular venture.

The SU7, heralded for its cutting-edge “super electric motor” technology capable of outpacing certain Tesla and Porsche models, is poised to integrate seamlessly with Xiaomi’s ecosystem of smartphones and devices, a strategic move aimed at enhancing customer retention and loyalty.

Despite the intensifying price war in China’s EV landscape, Xiaomi has garnered regulatory approval, distinguishing itself as a promising contender amidst a slew of prospective entrants. Manufactured by a subsidiary of the state-owned BAIC Group in Beijing, with an annual production capacity of up to 200,000 vehicles, Xiaomi’s foray into automobiles represents a significant milestone in its corporate trajectory.

Against the backdrop of aggressive pricing maneuvers by competitors like Tesla and BYD, Xiaomi’s stock surged by over 10% in Hong Kong following the announcement, signaling bullish investor sentiment towards its automotive aspirations.