DART – A mobile tracked robot

Introducing our inaugural robot– a versatile tracked robot with a user-friendly undercarriage design that can be effortlessly constructed by anyone with access to a 3D printer. We provide comprehensive explanations of each component, detailed instructions for seamless connections, and a step-by-step guide on how to assemble this innovative robot. Whether you’re a seasoned robotics enthusiast or a curious beginner, our user-friendly approach ensures that building your own tracked robot is an accessible and enjoyable experience. To aid you on this exciting journey, we’ve created a detailed YouTube video, demonstrating every step of the process. Click the link below to embark on the adventure of constructing your very own tracked robot and unleash the potential of robotics in the palm of your hands. [Insert YouTube link here]

KNOX -Electric 4 wheeler Grass cutter robot + drone

Introducing KNOX the Electric-Drone /Robot RTK, a cutting-edge 4-wheeled electric grass cutter robot-drone seamlessly adaptable for both manual operation and programmable waypoint navigation, leveraging our advanced RTK control systems to achieve centimeter-level accuracy, specifically designed to revolutionize agricultural practices.

Watch KNOX in action on @DigInt_Tech channel YouTube


REEF – Affordable Boat Drone with Google Maps Waypoint

REEF, the cost-effective boat drone, not only offers manual control but also provides the exciting capability of being programmed through Google Maps. Users can leverage the power of waypoints within the Google Maps interface to define a route, and the REEF boat will autonomously execute the specified movements. This advanced feature adds a layer of convenience and automation to aquatic exploration, allowing users to plan and execute precise routes for the boat to follow. With its budget-friendly construction and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Maps for waypoint-based programming, REEF emerges as a versatile and accessible option for enthusiasts keen on autonomous aquatic adventures. For detailed step by step instructions on how to build, refer to the provided link and accompanying YouTube video.