Watch: Apple unveils AI-enhanced software and upgraded Siri

Apple launched its annual developer conference on Monday, highlighting its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across its software suite, including an upgraded Siri and a potential collaboration with ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

The event kicked off with details about the new operating systems for its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and iPhone. The forthcoming iOS 18 will offer more customization for the iPhone home screen and enhanced versions of Apple’s proprietary apps. Additionally, a new “lock an app” feature will help users secure sensitive information by locking specific apps.

Apple announced that its email client will soon categorize messages into folders such as primary, transactions, promotions, and more specific groupings, a feature reminiscent of Google’s Gmail. The Vision Pro headset will expand to eight more countries, including China and Japan, and the new VisionOS 2 software will employ machine learning to create natural depth photos and introduce new gestures.

Despite these innovations, Apple’s shares fell by 1.6% on Monday afternoon. The annual conference at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters serves to update developers on new tools and software enhancements. This year, the stakes are higher as Apple aims to reassure investors of its AI capabilities amidst fierce competition from Microsoft.

Apple plans to enhance Siri to control multiple apps, addressing the complexity of understanding user intentions and app-specific functions. Revamping Siri with generative AI, possibly in collaboration with OpenAI, could make it significantly smarter. This AI integration is expected to boost iPhone sales, especially with features that might be exclusive to newer models.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced a new AI-focused chip in its latest iPad Pro, with more details expected at the conference. Apple may also discuss its cloud-computing capabilities and plans to use its chips in data centers, enhancing AI features while maintaining privacy and security.

The conference continues until Friday.