Uber launches free Seine cruises, enhances services for Paris Olympics

Uber Technologies unveiled several initiatives on Wednesday to meet the anticipated surge in demand during the upcoming Paris Olympics. Among these is the introduction of “Uber Cruises,” offering free cruises on the Seine from July 12 to August 3. Additionally, “Uber Bubbles” will provide a day trip with a champagne tasting experience.

In preparation for the expected influx of over 15 million visitors, a 30% increase from previous years, Uber plans a significant investment in driver incentives and rider discounts. Although the exact amount wasn’t disclosed, Uber’s strategy includes dynamic pricing and targeted rider promotions at major transit hubs like airports and train stations. The company anticipates a record 40,000 drivers on its platform during the Olympics.

To attract cost-conscious customers, Uber is focusing on lower-priced offerings. Drivers will receive promotions for completing trips starting in specific areas during set times. Furthermore, Uber’s app has been approved for use throughout Paris, with the Préfecture de Police granting access to restricted city areas.

Uber’s efforts include continuously updated maps and routing information in the driver app, highlighting zone restrictions and road closures. Dedicated in-app drop-off and pick-up zones will be available to streamline operations. The company is also expanding its fleet with over 130 new Uber Access vehicles to enhance service during the Olympic period.

These measures aim to alleviate the strain on public transport networks and ensure smooth travel for the millions of visitors expected in Paris this summer.