Twitter transitions to, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk has announced the complete transition of Twitter’s systems to, signifying the final phase of the rebrand to X. This marks the official end of Twitter as a separate entity.

Musk began his journey to acquire Twitter in April 2022, finalizing the purchase in October after a court order. Following the acquisition, he initiated the rebranding process, replacing Twitter Blue with X Premium and shifting the domain to

Despite these changes, users continued accessing the site via and sharing posts under the old address. The full migration to, which started in August last year, is now reportedly complete, though some content still appears under the domain, depending on user access and login status.

Musk’s fascination with dates back to 1999 when he launched a financial services company that eventually merged with PayPal. He repurchased the domain in 2017 for sentimental reasons, without immediate plans for its use. The domain remained dormant until Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, when he decided to rebrand the platform as X, aiming to develop it into an “everything app” encompassing financial services and direct communications. For now, however, continues to function primarily as a social network.

The transition from Twitter to X represents Musk’s broader vision for the platform, though the focus remains on its social networking capabilities as additional features are developed.