Tackling the Oriental Hornet Threat Through the ‘HornetPlot’ App”

The Oriental hornet continues to pose a challenge that impacts beekeepers. Modern technology enables the general public to actively contribute as citizen scientists by reporting sightings of these hornets and their nests.

The “HornetPlot” application channels these sightings as part of a broader initiative aimed at researching the distribution and populations of wild bees and honey bees throughout the country. Utilizing this app, users can map out instances of oriental hornets, allowing for the swift identification of potential concentration areas and the adoption of necessary precautions.

Furthermore, the application offers users valuable guidance and recommendations on minimizing potential risks and safely eliminating any identified nests.

On August 7th, 2023, this was showcased on Malta’s National Television Station TVM during the prime-time 8 o’clock news bulletin.

You can watch the news feature here: Watch: New App will help users identity presence of oriental hornet