Spotify dodges Apple’s fee in Europe with in-app purchases

Spotify, the popular music-streaming platform, will enable users in Europe to purchase audiobooks and subscription plans directly within the music-streaming app starting in March, as a result of the region’s new competition law for Big Tech.

This move allows the Swedish company to sidestep the longstanding dispute with the tech giant over the 30% fee charged on purchases through Apple’s App Store.

Spotify has been entangled in a legal dispute, contending that Apple’s App Store rules compelled it to raise monthly subscription prices.

Consequently, Spotify’s U.S.-listed shares experienced a 2% rise upon the announcement.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates adherence by all major tech firms by March 7, requires companies to treat their own offerings similarly to those of competitors. Spotify expressed relief that the DMA will empower them to share information about promotions and payment options in the EU.

In November, Bloomberg News had reported that Apple intends to challenge the European Union’s decision to subject the entire App Store to the bloc’s new digital antitrust regulations.