San Ġwann unveils pollinator garden celebrating Maltese Honey bee

In the outskirts of San Ġwann, Malta, a once-neglected 1,000-square-metre area has undergone a remarkable transformation into Ġnien id-Dakkara (Pollinator Garden), a public space highlighting the significance of pollination and the preservation of the Maltese honeybee. Jointly led by the San Ġwann council and Project Green, this initiative, situated off Tal-Balal road, is conveniently located within walking distance of approximately 570 households.

Officially inaugurated by Environment Minister Miriam Dalli, San Ġwann Mayor Trevor Fenech, and Project Green CEO Joseph Cuschieri, the garden boasts an array of high-pollen trees and shrubs meticulously curated to foster bee pollination. Honeybee enclosures provide a safe haven for these vital pollinators while offering visitors an educational journey on the importance of the Maltese honeybee and environmental conservation.

Comprising 92 trees and 276 shrubs, including species like cypress, carob, and jacaranda, along with aromatic herbs conducive to pollination, the garden serves as a beacon for biodiversity and ecological awareness. Pollinators play a critical role in sustaining local ecosystems by facilitating cross-pollination and promoting plant diversity.

Project Green’s investment has not only revitalized the once-neglected area but has also integrated innovative design elements, such as a hexagonal layout with wooden platforms, creating an organic pathway adorned with seating arrangements and outdoor amenities. San Ġwann Mayor Fenech expressed pride in the transformation of derelict land into a vibrant green space, underscoring the community’s commitment to fostering sustainable urban environments.

Meanwhile, Minister Dalli highlighted ongoing efforts, including a recent public consultation, aimed at declaring the Maltese honeybee as Malta’s national insect—a testament to the growing recognition of its ecological importance. The Ġnien id-Dakkara project stands as a symbol of collaboration and dedication towards creating inclusive and environmentally conscious spaces within the neighborhood.

Photos: Ministry for the Enivironment, energy and the regeneration of the Grand Harbour.