Pentagon: No evidence of extraterrestrial technology in UFO sightings since WWII

The recent Pentagon report on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) states that U.S. government investigations conducted since the conclusion of World War II have failed to uncover any evidence of extraterrestrial technology. Released on Friday, the report builds upon a 2022 announcement from the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), formed to investigate anomalous phenomena, affirming the absence of any proof suggesting alien visitations or crash-landings on Earth.

Mandated by the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, AARO submitted the initial volume of its report to Congress last week, emphasizing that no U.S. government investigation, academic research, or official review panel has confirmed any UFO sighting as extraterrestrial technology. While acknowledging numerous unresolved reports, the report asserts that with improved and more extensive data, most cases could be identified as ordinary objects or phenomena.

The report traces government-funded investigations since 1945, aimed at assessing the potential flight safety risks, technological advancements by rival nations, or signs of “off-world technology under intelligent control.” Addressing persistent cultural narratives, the report dismisses beliefs in the government’s possession of extraterrestrial craft and biological remains, emphasizing a commitment to a rigorous and scientific approach in evaluating past UFO investigations.

AARO refutes claims of reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology by the U.S. government and private entities, asserting the inaccuracy of specific assertions related to people, locations, tests, and documents allegedly linked to such activities. The report concludes that further claims will be addressed in a second volume. Despite decades of deflecting UFO observations, the U.S. military’s recent efforts have yielded hundreds of new reports but no indications of intelligent alien life.