OpenAI expands European media presence amid copyright lawsuits

OpenAI, a leading US artificial intelligence (AI) company, has forged partnerships with European media giants Le Monde and Prisa Media, encompassing El Pais, Cinco Dias, and El Huffpost. OpenAI announced in a blog post that this collaboration grants OpenAI access to the publications’ content for training its AI models. Additionally, OpenAI plans to integrate news summaries from these publishers into ChatGPT for user engagement.

The move occurs amidst mounting copyright litigation against AI firms, including a lawsuit filed by The New York Times against OpenAI. The dispute alleges that OpenAI infringed upon the newspaper’s copyright to train ChatGPT.

Brad Lightcap, OpenAI’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to revolutionize news consumption worldwide. Financial terms of the agreement remain undisclosed.

Le Monde’s CEO, Louis Dreyfus, highlighted the strategic significance of the partnership in preserving journalistic integrity and revenue streams. Prisa Media’s CEO, Carlos Nunez, lauded the collaboration as a forward step for news dissemination.

Notably, OpenAI previously partnered with Axel Springer and The Associated Press, emphasizing its commitment to advancing AI tools across various industries, including journalism.

The partnerships coincide with the European Parliament’s recent approval of sweeping regulations governing AI, addressing concerns about technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which possesses human-like text generation capabilities but also raises disinformation risks.