Norway’s exclusive drone delivery: world’s longest distance

Norwegian start-up Aviant has elevated its drone delivery service, pushing the boundaries of technology and climate endurance in the opulent ski resort town of Lillehammer. In a move that caters to both locals and tourists, Aviant extended its drone delivery service to encompass 4,000 residents in the Lillehammer suburbs, marking the commencement of the world’s longest-range drone deliveries. Utilizing the Kyte app, suburbanites can seamlessly order up to 1.5kg of essentials, including medications, groceries, and meals from independent restaurants, with an impressive average delivery time of 24 minutes.

Distinguishing itself in the competitive landscape, Aviant’s drones boast an expansive operational radius of 17km, nearly six times that of conventional drones, even in the harsh winter conditions prevalent in Norway. Overcoming legal hurdles and airspace constraints, Aviant has secured regulatory approval to navigate the skies of EU airspace in Lillehammer. CEO and co-founder of Aviant, Lars Erik Fagernæs emphasized the pivotal moment for autonomous drone delivery in Europe, transitioning from theoretical benefits to practical real-world applications that positively impact consumers and the environment.

Originally designed during the COVID-19 pandemic for medical supply deliveries, these drones exhibit remarkable resilience, operating efficiently in high winds of up to 12 meters per second and sub-zero temperatures below -15°C. Notably, Aviant’s drone technology emits a striking 95% less carbon dioxide than electric cars, aligning with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Fagernæs envisions a broader expansion beyond Norway, emphasizing that delivery drones are evolving from a novelty constrained by distance and climate into a valuable means of supporting businesses, people, and concurrently reducing emissions. However, Aviant faces competition, with Irish start-up Manna eyeing expansion across Europe and Alphabet-owned drone delivery company Wing already operational in Ireland and Finland.

Photo and Video by Aviant.