Microsoft unveils compact AI model, Phi-3-mini

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled Phi-3-mini, a compact yet powerful artificial intelligence model tailored for cost efficiency and versatility. This small-scale language model is adept at various tasks such as content generation and crafting social media posts, all while operating on reduced data inputs.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, Phi-3-mini surpasses models twice its size across multiple benchmarks assessing language proficiency, coding capabilities, and mathematical aptitude.

These compact AI models are specifically engineered for simplicity, catering to businesses with constrained resources, as highlighted by Microsoft. With Phi-3-mini, enterprises can streamline tasks like summarizing lengthy documents, distilling key insights from market research, and identifying industry trends with ease.

Phi-3-mini is readily accessible through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service platform, the AI model repository of Hugging Face, and Ollama, a framework facilitating local machine model deployment, ensuring widespread availability and seamless integration.

In a separate development, Microsoft recently injected $1.5 billion into G42, an AI firm based in the UAE, expanding its footprint in the AI landscape. This move follows previous collaborations, including a partnership with French startup Mistral AI to leverage their models via Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform