Massachusetts seeks ban on driving with Apple Vision Pro headsets

Massachusetts is pushing to be the first state to ban driving while wearing Apple Vision Pro headsets. This comes after a wave of videos showed people using the mixed-reality device while behind the wheel. State representative William Straus expressed concern about the trend, referring to videos of Tesla drivers going hands-free. These videos gained millions of views on X, leading authorities to issue warnings.

US Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg shared a video of a Tesla driver in a Vision Pro, emphasizing the need for drivers to stay in control. National Road Safety Foundation spokesperson David Reich highlighted the danger of using such devices while driving.

Beyond driving, Vision Pro users posted risky behavior videos, like YouTuber Casey Neistat skateboarding in New York with the headset. Apple responded by cautioning users in the device’s guide, advising against using it during activities requiring attention to safety.

The headset, priced at $3,499 and currently available only in the US, is urged by Apple to be used in safe environments. They warn against usage in situations like driving, biking, or operating heavy machinery. Massachusetts taking action reflects a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns tied to the convergence of advanced technology and daily activities.

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, has been on the market since February 2nd. The headset starts at $3,499 and marks the company’s biggest product launch since the original iPhone went on sale in 2007.

Photo credit: X