KNOX: the game-changing 4-wheeled electric grass cutter with precision navigation and RTK technology by PIXAM Ltd.

PIXAM Ltd., a Maltese company that focuses on developing user-friendly hardware and software geo tools for aerial and ground drones, has just launched KNOX – a revolutionary 4-wheeled electric grass cutter that stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. KNOX operates as a versatile robotic-drone, seamlessly transitioning between manual control and programmable waypoint navigation. What sets KNOX apart is its advanced RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) control systems, enabling unparalleled centimeter-level accuracy. This achievement establishes a new standard in both the agricultural and innovation sectors.

The incorporation of RTK control systems means that KNOX can precisely navigate its surroundings with a level of accuracy never seen before in traditional grass cutting and agricultural practices. This technology is a game-changer, promising to reshape the landscape of both agriculture and lawn maintenance.

KNOX is strategically designed to complement existing manual practices, offering a hybrid solution that combines human-operated control with autonomous navigation. This innovation holds the potential to significantly improve efficiency and productivity in various applications related to grass cutting and agriculture.

The transformative capabilities of KNOX are showcased in a YouTube video, demonstrating its flawless integration of advanced drones and robotics, as well as its precision navigation capabilities. This video serves as a visual testament to the groundbreaking technology behind KNOX, highlighting how it can seamlessly navigate and operate in diverse environments with unprecedented accuracy.

About PIXAM Ltd.

Established in 2020, PIXAM Ltd., the parent company of, has swiftly garnered attention in both local and global markets. In 2021, it earned recognition as one of the top ten European drone companies by the EU Agency for the Space Programme. PIXAM Ltd. specializes in providing software tools for extracting geo patterns from time series aerial images and developing algorithms for controlling drone movement. will exclusively cover the latest innovations from PIXAM Ltd.