Knighted DeepMind co-founder advocates tech creativity over gaming for kids

Sir Demis Hassabis, a recently knighted AI millionaire, suggests that parents troubled by their children’s extensive gaming habits should redirect their concerns towards fostering creativity and programming skills. Drawing from his own upbringing immersed in gaming, Hassabis emphasizes the importance of nurturing creativity and skill development beyond mere gameplay. Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he encourages parents to cultivate their children’s passions and skills, advocating for a broader approach to technology engagement.

Sir Demis Hassabis Photo: Wikipedia

Reflecting on his personal journey, Hassabis attributes his success to his early exposure to gaming and the creative outlets it provided. His own accomplishments, from designing a popular game in his teens to co-founding DeepMind, underscore the potential of leveraging technology for innovative pursuits.

Regarding the rapid evolution of AI and its societal implications, Hassabis acknowledges the need for adaptability in an ever-changing world. He highlights the importance of preparing children for a future where versatility and creative problem-solving skills are paramount.

Despite concerns surrounding AI, including issues of deepfake videos and algorithmic bias, Hassabis remains optimistic about its potential for positive impact. He stresses the significance of addressing AI-related risks while recognizing its broader benefits for society.

In his perspective, AI presents unprecedented opportunities for advancement, surpassing the scope of past technological revolutions. Through responsible stewardship and global collaboration, Hassabis believes in harnessing AI’s potential to address societal challenges and enhance human productivity.