Instagram, facebook users gain more control over data sharing

Instagram and Facebook users across Europe will soon have increased flexibility in how they utilize Meta Platforms’ services, as the company takes steps to align with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), according to a statement from the social media giant on Monday.

Following suit with other major tech players like Google, which has also adjusted its practices to comply with the new EU regulations, Meta will implement changes over the next few weeks.

Meta revealed that users will receive notifications offering them the option to decide whether they want to share their information across Meta’s various services. This move is in line with the DMA’s requirement for Big Tech companies, including Meta, to treat their own services and products on par with those of competitors.

Specifically, Facebook Messenger users will be granted the choice of linking their Facebook account to their Messenger account or maintaining separate accounts for each service.

The DMA deadline, set for March 7, compels companies to treat their services and products in a manner equivalent to how they treat those of competitors. Meta assured that users who have linked their Instagram and Facebook accounts can opt to manage them independently, discontinuing the sharing of information between the two accounts.

Additionally, users will have the discretion to determine whether they wish to share information between their Facebook accounts and Meta’s Gaming and Marketplace services.