Grenoble’s Tech&fest unveils cutting-edge innovations in AI, space, and green tech

France: Tech&fest, Grenoble’s inaugural tech event, is set to bring together over 10,000 professionals and 500 start-ups from Isère, showcasing the latest European advancements in AI, cybersecurity, energy and space. Hosted at the AlpExpo centre on February 1-2, the event, founded by Laura Perrard, promises to address pressing tech-related issues and celebrate the continent’s expertise in various fields.

Themed around six areas, the festival will delve into the tech and electronics industry, innovative business solutions, energy, mobility and the environment, the space race, workplace quality of life, and the future job market, as well as leisure and sports. Keynote speakers include SpaceX’s Charles Kuehmann and Euro2Moon’s Bertrand Baratte, discussing developments in the race to Mars and the Moon. Spartan, a Marseille-based startup, will present its inflatable habitats, such as Eurohab, designed for lunar missions.

The event will also spotlight green energy, featuring a “Decarbonisation Village” with thirty solutions for businesses to reduce their footprint through innovative packaging, design, recycling, and AI. Grenoble’s ROSI Solar will showcase ways to minimize the impact of solar panels, emphasizing recycling over 95% of panel materials. The event will also explore hydrogen and nuclear energy, including a discussion on mini nuclear reactors and their benefits.

While primarily catering to professionals, Tech&fest will offer activities for the general public, including a job dating event with companies like HP, SNCF, Air France, Air Liquide, and Randstad. The festival aims to foster collaboration, discussion, and scaling up of projects during special Mastermind sessions with entrepreneurs and group leaders.

Photo Credit: Tech and Fest