Google to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India

Tech giant Google is set to start manufacturing its Pixel smartphones in India, sources familiar with the development have informed the BBC. The production will take place at an existing Foxconn facility in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Additionally, Google plans to manufacture drones independently in the state.

India has become a strategic location for global companies seeking to diversify their supply chains away from China amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions with the West. Last year, Google announced its intention to produce Pixel smartphones in India, starting with the Pixel 8.

“India is a priority market for Pixel smartphones, and we’re committed to bringing the best of our hardware and underlying built-in software capabilities to people across the country,” Google stated in a blog post.

On Friday, sources revealed to the BBC that Alphabet’s Google would produce advanced versions of Pixel smartphones at the Tamil Nadu facility, with manufacturing set to commence within this calendar year. A contract has been signed between Google and Foxconn to facilitate this move.

Foxconn operates two facilities in Tamil Nadu, one of which is located near Chennai and currently assembles Apple’s iPhones. Google’s decision to manufacture Pixel phones in Tamil Nadu followed recent meetings between state officials and company executives.

According to a statement from the Tamil Nadu government, Google officials are also scheduled to meet with the state’s Chief Minister MK Stalin in Chennai soon.