Google signs largest offshore wind power deal for green energy push

Google has inked its largest-ever power purchase agreement (PPA) with offshore wind projects in the Netherlands to advance its sustainability goals. This agreement signifies Google’s commitment to greening its energy supply and meeting climate targets.

Renewable energy developers are increasingly opting for long-term PPAs to ensure revenue stability, while corporate buyers aim to secure a consistent supply of clean energy to fulfill their sustainability objectives.

In this landmark deal, Google has agreed to procure 478 megawatts (MW) of power from two new wind farms developed by Crosswind & Ecowende Consortia, joint ventures between Shell and Dutch utility Eneco.

Google has also announced smaller renewable PPAs in Italy, Poland, and Belgium. However, financial details of these agreements have not been disclosed.
Matt Brittin, President of Google in EMEA, highlighted their ambition to rely entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030, emphasizing the need for clean energy solutions in all the regions where Google operates.

While many companies match their renewable energy purchases with their annual electricity usage, Google is pioneering a more granular approach. They aim to match each hour of electricity consumption with an hour of clean power production, aligning more closely with their actual energy usage patterns.