Google revolutionizes search with new AI tools

On Thursday, Google unveiled two innovative AI tools aimed at revolutionizing online searches, promising a “radically more helpful” experience.

The first tool, Circle to Search, empowers Android users to circle, tap, highlight, or scribble on images, videos, or text, extracting more information about the content. This feature, showcased at Samsung’s Unpacked event, is set to debut on the Galaxy S24 and select high-end Android phones like the Pixel 8 series from January 31.

The second tool enables users to ask complex questions about images or text using their mobile camera or uploaded photos. Google has quietly tested these generative AI-driven features over the past year, emphasizing personalization and intuition in search.

The announcement aligns with the tech industry’s broader trend, where major players like Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta compete to implement similar advanced technologies. Google expresses confidence that there’s much more potential to explore in AI-driven search enhancements.