Drone Professional 4

Drone Professional 4, the latest addition to the globally acclaimed Drone Professional series is now available on amazon. Edited by the renowned aviation author Louise Jupp, this edition brings together insights from 18 leading professionals in the drone industry. Alongside co-editor Andrew Priestley, Louise has curated a comprehensive collection that delves into the latest trends, best practices, and business success stories in the drone world.

The book covers a diverse range of topics. From navigating a career path in the drone industry to fostering business growth and thought leadership, the content covers essential aspects. Case studies, like using drones for seagrass mapping, underscore the practical applications of drone technology.

This resource is enriched with diagrams and illustrations, making it an invaluable asset for commercial drone operators globally. Dive into the realms of drones, exploring hardware and software, legislation, training, and the experiences of professional drone pilots. Whether you’re in engineering consultancies, the oil and gas industry, or interested in the accessibility of UAM/AAM for individuals with mobility difficulties, Drone Professional 4 covers it all.

The amazon link for the DP4 is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CSBMNS2M