Airbnb bans indoor security cameras worldwide

Airbnb announced on Monday its decision to globally ban the use of indoor security cameras in listings on its platform by the end of the following month, seeking to streamline its security-camera policy and uphold privacy standards. The San Francisco-headquartered online rental platform emphasized its commitment to simplifying its approach while safeguarding user privacy.

Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s head of community policy and partnerships, stated that these adjustments were made in collaboration with guests, hosts, and privacy experts, with ongoing efforts to gather feedback for policy refinement.

Previously, Airbnb permitted indoor security cameras in common areas, provided their locations were disclosed on the listings page. However, the updated policy will now exclude indoor cameras altogether, with hosts retaining the option to utilize doorbell cameras and noise-decibel monitors in common spaces, provided their presence is transparently disclosed.

The impact of this policy revision is expected to be minimal, as the majority of Airbnb listings do not currently feature indoor security cameras. The new measures are set to take effect on April 30th.

Airbnb’s recent fourth-quarter earnings report highlighted a positive trend in bookings and revenue, indicating sustained demand. Despite this growth, the company remains dedicated to refining its policies to better serve its global community while upholding privacy standards.