WATCH: Samsung unveils Galaxy Ring to transform health tech market

Samsung aims to captivate fitness and health enthusiasts with its latest wearable, the Galaxy Ring, unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday. This device integrates into Samsung’s AI-enhanced ecosystem.

Smart rings, equipped with tiny sensors to monitor health metrics, have been a niche market. Their popularity surged after the England men’s football team used them, attracting significant attention. Samsung, the largest tech company to venture into this market, hopes to change the landscape.

Ben Wood, a CCS Insight analyst, views Samsung’s move as a bold strategy, with the smart ring market projected to reach four million units by 2025, a fraction compared to the anticipated 250 million smartwatches. Francisco Jeronimo of IDC suggests Samsung could make smart rings mainstream, noting that many consumers’ first encounter with smart rings will be through Samsung, enhancing long-term brand recognition.

James Kitto, VP of Samsung’s mobile division in the UK & Ireland, called the launch a “huge moment” for the company. Smart rings, like Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, track health indicators such as heart rate, sleep, and menstrual cycles. Currently dominated by Finnish firm Oura, smart rings have become a trendy fitness tech accessory for celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Analysts believe their sleek design could eventually surpass smartwatches.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, its “smallest and most discrete product,” provides accurate 24/7 health and sleep tracking. Although smartwatches offer more sensors and data, smart rings offer a less intrusive, stylish alternative, particularly for sleep tracking. Compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones running Android 11 or above.