Nyobolt’s electric car battery charges to 80% in under 5 minutes

In a landmark achievement, UK start-up Nyobolt showcased an electric car battery capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just four minutes and 37 seconds. This demonstration, conducted on a test track in Bedford, involved a specially-built concept sports car and marks a significant step towards faster EV charging.

Current Tesla superchargers take 15-20 minutes for a similar charge. Experts argue that reducing “range anxiety” is essential for greater EV adoption, alongside improving charging infrastructure. Professor Paul Shearing from Oxford University emphasized the importance of quick charging and the need for more charging stations.

The Nyobolt battery enabled the sports car to achieve a 120-mile range after the short charge. In comparison, a Tesla charged to 80% typically offers up to 200 miles. Co-founder Dr. Sai Shivareddy expressed satisfaction with the results despite challenges such as a heatwave, cooling system failure, and a standard charger on-site, which affected the demonstration’s performance. The firm claims the battery can charge from 0% to 100% in six minutes under optimal conditions.

Nyobolt plans to partner with existing car brands rather than manufacturing its own vehicles, aiming to integrate its batteries into EVs on a small scale within a year. The required 350kW DC superfast chargers are available in the UK but are not yet widespread. Notably, the battery retains 80% capacity after 4,000 charging cycles.

The global race to enhance battery technology continues. Toyota and US start-up Gravity have also announced advancements in battery charging and capacity. However, Dr. Edward Brightman from Strathclyde University points out that upgrading the grid and deploying rapid chargers is crucial for EV proliferation.